Who we are

Since its inception on 18 July 1950, Marshall Hinds Pty (Ltd) has been synonymous with many well know DuPont brands including, Corian®, Lycra®, BCF, Nylon®, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Orlon®, Antron®, Tyvek® and Typar® nonwovens.

Marshall Hinds Pty (Ltd) is proud to be the accredited South African distributor and technical specialist for DuPont™ Tyvek® and DuPont™ Cyrel® Flexographic solutions. Marshall Hinds is committed to supplying protective barrier materials, printing substrates, specialized packaging materials and flexographic plates and equipment that are on the forefront of technology and innovation.

Over the years much has changed, but the passion for product, print and print excellence is always present.


What we do

While in the 1950s Marshall Hinds product range was singular, today our offering covers a range of unique products that serve the print, packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive and building industries.

Tyvek® is known a printing substrate, but the Tyvek® range of specialist packaging includes heat sealable, food and pharmaceutical grades and protective packaging for perishable air cargo and the automotive industries.

Marshall Hinds has included in it product range, Tyvek® Housewrap®, Plantex® weed barrier and Plantex® Rootbarrier all from DuPont, the leader in innovative barrier technology.

Cyrel® Flexographic Plates and equipment are the latest addition to the Marshall Hinds ranges.


How we can help you

Marshall Hinds  is the South African distributors of top ranges from the international leader in breakthrough DuPont products.

The team at Marshall Hinds is committed not only to the distribution of Tyvek® and Cyrel® but product initiation and commercialisation.

Out technical team offer full pre and post installation support for the Cyrel® plates and DuPont flexographic equipment.

Marshall Hinds has offices in Johannesburg, Gauteng and Cape Town and delivers to all corners of South Africa and neighbouring countries.

The Marshall Hinds, Canon Partnership

The Marshall Hinds, Canon partnership helps you discover new application opportunities and growth markets, to enable you to unleash the Power of Print.

Our graphic arts offering spans a wide range of hardware, software and services and is delivered through the following customer applications:

  • Contract proofing
  • POS and poster printing
  • Indoor display printing
  • Outdoor display printing
  • Campaign management
  • Interior decor printing
  • Photographic and fine arts printing.

Marshall Hinds and Canon can help you develop new revenue streams and achieve long-term growth:

  • Improving Workflows
  • Increasing efficiency by using innovative and versatile production processes
  • Creating new revenue opportunities
  • Adding value and differentiation to your professional print services and technologies.

DuPont® Tyvek® Printing Substrates

Since its discovery in 1955, DuPont™ Tyvek® has become the world’s leading synthetic substrate.  Made of randomly laid, pure High Density Polyethylene, Tyvek® is 100% recyclable and combines the performance of paper, film and fabric.

Tyvek® graphics applications are endless and the product range includes substrates that can be used for durable documents and maps, security wristbands, race numbers and even fashion gowns that grace the runways of the fashion capitals of Milan and Paris.

We live in an era, when you can print on almost anything, but Tyvek® is still chosen by discerning printers and brand owners to represent their commitment to excellence and the environment.

When your requirements are stringent and the parameters are equally daunting, Tyvek® is versatile, weather resistant, and remarkably strong and is available in several weights and styles.

Tyvek® Specialised Packaging Materials

While most Tyvek® is corona and antistatic treated to make it printable, Tyvek® also has untreated grades that are both food and pharma approved for specialist tags, labels, pouches and envelopes and air scavenger pouches.

Through the constant innovations from Dupont, Tyvek® continues to be used in new applications and in the past few years has made considerable impact in automotive stillage and the protection of air cargo and perishable goods in transit.

Tyvek® covers protect cargo and perishables in 3 important ways; minimizes solar heat gain of the cargo, has a low emissivity that reduces thermal transfer within the load and lastly Tyvek® has a microporous structure that permits the evacuation of excess moisture that builds up in cargo over time.

Used for stillage in the automotive industry, laminated Tyvek® is extremely flexible and protective and can be tailor-made to optimize space in transportation containers. The soft touch and antistatic coating on Tyvek® prevents dust build up and damage.

Cyrel® Flexographic Systems And Equipment

In 1974, DuPont™ Packaging Graphics introduced Cyrel® flexo plates, the first elastomeric photopolymer printing plates. This marked the beginning of a multitude of innovations that continue to be delivered for significantly improving the quality and productivity of flexographic printing.

The Marshall Hinds Flexographic team specializes in the support, supply and distribution of Cyrel® platemaking, peripheral equipment and consumables for optimising and advancing the flexo workflow that enable printers to optimize their quality, productivity and sustainability.

Partnering with Marshall Hinds offers you the knowledge and opportunity to take complete control and streamline your prepress processes.

The Marshall Hinds range includes Flexographic Printing Plates, Processing Equipment, Imagers, software and supplies.

Barrier Materials – Tyvek® Housewrap®

Marshall Hinds has included in it product range, Tyvek® Housewrap®, Plantex® weed barrier and Plantex® Rootbarrier all from DuPont, the leader in innovative barrier technology.

Tyvek® Housewrap®

Tyvek® HouseWrap is traditionally used in light steel frame and timber housing to act as a vapour barrier which allows the building envelope to breathe. Housewrap protects structures from the rigors of the construction site and costly draft when the building is complete.

Tyvek® Housewrap® and Housewrap® Tape are part the Marshall Hinds commitment to making homes and building systems that help reduce operating costs, which are safer, sounder, look newer for longer and provide greater environmental sustainability.

Tyvek® Housewrap® made of 100% pure high density polyethylene, which also makes it 100% recyclable.

Barrier Materials – Plantex® weed barrier and Plantex® Rootbarrier

Marshall Hinds has included in it product range, Tyvek® Housewrap®, Plantex® weed barrier and Plantex® Rootbarrier all from DuPont, the leader in innovative barrier technology.

Plantex® weed barrier and Plantex® Rootbarrier

Plantex® weed barrier is essential in a waterwise garden to act as a separation layer in flower beds under mulch or decorative rocks and pebbles. Plantex® does not form puddles and allows the water and nutrients through to the soil keeping it healthy and fertile.

Plantex® Rootbarrier provide protection against invasive roots that are water guzzlers and that uplift and destroy paving, underground pipes and electrical cables.

Plantex® products contain no harmful chemicals that will leach into the ground and are ideal in any size garden and can be fitted in gardens or easily retrofitted.

All Plantex® barrier materials are 100% recyclable.

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