Tyvek® and Sweeter Oranges

Here the behind the scenes I get calls daily from people asking for Tyvek®.  Depending on the application, I get to explain that Tyvek® is a high density polyethylene with many impressive qualities.  It is light, weatherproof, water-resistant, tear and puncture resistant with excellent printability.  That is not anywhere near the full list, but I have to stop myself somewhere.

Since Tyvek® was discovered by accident in 1955, it has been used commercially for general graphics, race numbers, envelopes, tags, labels, cargo covers, building wrap, desiccants, automotive stillage, mulching and the list keeps on growing.

But, you are right, none of this explains the link between Tyvek® and sweeter oranges…

To improve the colour and sweetness when growing oranges, you need a regulated water supply and a healthy root system.  Unprotected orchards are prone to predators, the elements and the weather and the sweetness in the oranges can fluctuate.  Sadly the last bag of tasteless oranges I bought did not even make a tasty marmalade.

This is why mulching with DuPont™ Tyvek® makes such good sense.  Tyvek® prevents excessive water from entering the soil, reflects more than 90 percent of the visible and UV light rays, it is breathable and strong enough to withstand the rigours of commercial farming.

The result is improved fruit colour and no more tasteless, but infinitely sweeter oranges.

Tyvek® is a high density polyethylene, but unlike other similar products it is spunbonded, which makes it breathable.  The breathability of Tyvek® ensures that even if you cover the soil, carbon monoxide is able to escape and death of the roots of trees can be prevented and the soil remains vibrant and healthy.

Annually pests and moths cause estimated crop loses in excess of hundreds of millions of rands, negatively impacting the South African Citrus industry.  Because Tyvek® uniformly reflects sunlight, natural predators, pest and moths, are not able to fly into the mulching and the use of pesticides is reduced to a minimum.

Tyvek® impressive triple protection:

One against over watering,

Two by enhancing root and soil health

Three by repelling moths and insects.

Re-usable Tyvek® is an investment that increases productivity and profitability and is recouped season after season.

It is interesting to note that what works for oranges, also benefits plants such as lettuce, tomatoes and turnips.

For more information on using Tyvek® for mulching drop me an email denisem@marshallhinds.co.za

Till next time:-) Denise