The HP Indigo 20000 Reel Press and Soft Structure Tyvek® a match made in heaven for these wedding dresses created for a VIP event in Israel, February 2019.

DuPont™ Tyvek® comes in “hard” paper like structures and “soft” drapable, with the touch and feel of fabric, structures.  Tyvek® has close to twenty different finishes and it is this as well as its unique touch and feel that inspires printers, brand owners and creatives and often leads to surprising creations.

Now meet the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, winner of the 2015 European Digital Press Award for best packaging solution.  According to Kemtek, The HP Indigo 20000 is “specifically designed for mid-web packaging, including flexible packaging, sleeves, and labels and in mould labelling”.

When the HP Indigo 20000 was launched in 2015 it was earmarked to transform business by delivering packaging solutions.

To the uninitiated, it is a big stretch to imagine how a press specifically engineered for packaging was used to create a wedding dress…

But now you also know, this is the Magic of Tyvek®!