Specialised Packaging Materials

Since the initial discovery in 1955 that led to Tyvek®, DuPont has been a recognised global leader in selective barrier technology. Lightweight and durable, DuPont Tyvek® has introduced new dimensions of protection, security and safety in a wide variety of industries, including protective apparel, construction, envelopes, medical packaging and industrial packaging.

While most grades of Tyvek® are corona and antistatic treated to make it printable, Tyvek® also has untreated grades that are both food and pharma approved for specialist tags, labels, pouches and envelopes and air scavenger pouches.

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Characteristics and applications for Tyvek® Specialised Packaging Materials

Tyvek® is available in printable and UV resistant grades and can be made to cover almost anything.

Active Packaging, Heat Sealable

Tyvek® heat sealable is coated for heat sealing and is ideally suited for desiccants, air scavengers and packaging. The breathability of Tyvek® allows sachets to absorb unwanted gases extending the shelf-life of fresh food and other produce.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Food grade Tyvek® can be used in temperature ranging from -73 to + 105 degrees Celsius and is nontoxic, lint free and ideally suited for all packaging and labelling from farm to the table.

Archival and Storage

Dupont™ Tyvek® is the perfect material for protecting, transporting and archiving valuables, paintings and sculptures. It is used worldwide by art lovers, discerning curators and museums for the restoration of fine furniture, books and historical artifacts.

Automotive and Stillage

The laminated grades of Tyvek® are extremely flexible and can be tailor-made to optimize space in transportation containers for the automotive industry. The soft touch and antistatic coating on Tyvek® prevents dust build up and damage adding an extra level of protection.

Cargo Covers

Lightweight Tyvek® Cargo Covers save you money by reducing costs associated with losses, secondary packaging, shipping and excursion management resulting from the fluctuating air temperatures of goods in transit.

Car, Vehicle and bespoke covers

Strong and easy to fit with the ability to withstand daunting temperatures & weather conditions, Tyvek® covers are made to measure and are the effective way to keep your car in top condition, free of rust and paint oxidation.