JK Repro, from Hand Carved Plates to Automation within a generation!

As the company’s name suggests, JK Repro is a family business with the JK standing for Joe and Kevin (Joe’s son). Within 18 years, the company has evolved from Craftsman Joseph Mannesh making flexo plates by hand to a sophisticated Digital operation with some of the best technology available.

“My Dad was a craftsman, etching plates by hand. He was a perfectionist. I joined up with him after studying Electrical Engineering in Johannesburg, and we have now transformed the company into an efficient Digital operation, whilst maintaining that personal touch which was so important to my Dad”.

“We believe in long term partnerships and our partnership with Marshall Hinds and DuPont™ is important to us”, continued Kevin, who has recently installed a DuPont™ 1000 ECDLF combination Drier/Post Exposure unit, with a DuPont™ 1000P in-line processor to compliment his Screen FX8700II CTP system.

JK Repro has a growing and loyal customer base. Starting out with Corrugated boxes only, JK has branched out into labels, tapes and plastics. The new equipment will allow JK to reach out to even more customers, and to offer flat top dot technology.

“DuPont Cyrel® EASY has built-in flat top dot digital plate technology, and Marshall Hinds has experience with this” said Kevin.

“2020 will be a year of growth for JK Repro and it is refreshing to witness such a professional operation”,  concluded Mike Bath, MD of Marshall Hinds.





“The new equipment, installed by Marshall Hinds specialist, Colin Ritchie (here left), has already made a huge difference to our production capacity, quality and efficiency.” adds Kevin. “Colin is an outstanding Technician. He gives knowledgeable guidance and I know that I can depend on him for his honest and frank advice.”

Thanks Colin!