2019 is off to a great start with increased interest in by creatives.

Every day working at Marshall Hinds is different.

In fact the staff at Marshall Hinds are used to having unusual requests. Our job is to be vision builders and often we get caught up in the excitement and just as often what starts as an idea turns into a commercial reality.

Requests come from all over;

From campers who need ground sheets
From adventurers who need waterproof maps and bags and tent covers
From artists and painters who want to try new paint techniques
From husbands who have assured their “crafty” wives that Tyvek® must be available “somewhere”
From the Foreigners who are dismayed that they can’t find envelopes at their local paper store
From amateur clock makers
And aspirant mushroom farmers
From students who need Tyvek® for some entrepreneurial project
From YouTube fans who are looking for envelopes and overalls, because they think they can’t get hold of Tyvek® any other way
The list is endless…

These people all have one thing in common, they have a vision. A vision of what Tyvek® can do for them. A vision of what they can create if they can get their hands on some Tyvek® and the fear that they may have to buy truckloads.

Did you know that 60 percent of the worlds Tyvek® is used for industrial labels?

Tyvek® is used for agriculture and transportation of produce and pharmaceutical goods;  for archiving and automotive stillage;  Tyvek® is used for race numbers and wristbands and children’s books and yes for all manner of creatives.

The same properties that make Tyvek® the choice in commerce and of commercial printers are those properties that make it interesting to creatives.

Tyvek® is lightweight with both wet and dry strength
Absorbs vibrant ink colours
Can be stitched, glued, sewn and can take grommets
Tyvek® is UV resistant

Tyvek® excites and inspires…
Tyvek® fires creativity…
And frees the imagination…
Tyvek® can be bought in sheets and rolls in any size and numerous thicknesses.

All good reasons to get hold some Tyvek® early, before the commercial rush.
For more information, call Denise on 021 701 1271 or Bongane on 011 627 7752. We look forward to hearing form you.