Flexographic systems and equipment

Cyrel® Flexographic Systems and Equipment


The introduction of DuPont™ Cyrel® flexo plates helped to significantly improve the quality and productivity of flexographic printing. DuPont remains committed to delivering continuous innovation to the package printing industry through its range of revolutionary products.

Over the past four decades, DuPont have continued to introduce a range of Cyrel® flexo platemaking equipment:
Cyrel® FAST, the world’s first solvent-free, dry thermal plate processing system
Cyrel® DigiCorr, the first commercial flat top dot technology
Cyrel® Flexo Performance Plates, which deliver the highest quality at high speed.

DuPont are committed to providing customers with the expert technical support and training they need, before, during and after installation of their flexographic platemaking systems. That’s why DuPont has partnered with Marshall Hinds in South Africa, who assembled the industry’s most experienced team of prepress and pressroom consultants to service this market.

DuPont™ Packaging Graphics offers the tools you need to increase productivity and improve print quality and consistency in any flexo printing application.

Marshall Hinds provides professional installation, training, and fingerprinting and colour management for all the products in its portfolio.


The primary objective of the fingerprint trial is to measure and record the print characteristics of a particular press, operating with specific settings and materials, resulting in a print quality across repeatable conditions.

The specific settings and materials are determined, in part, by the customer’s design requirements (substrate, ink colours, design elements), and by printer experience or optimization trials.

The fingerprint trial must include all process and spot colours to be used on the current and future jobs because the fingerprint trial results in data and establishes the benchmark upon future print runs.

Marshall Hinds has invested X-Rite eXact densitometer to measure colour density and dot gain on any printing results and create databases for each customer in our system.

Colour management

Defining accurate brand and spot colour standards is the first step in maintaining quality print consistency. Colour is a major component in the way we perceive a brand’s packaging. There is a distinct challenge in ensuring colour consistency across the complete set of packaging materials and printing processes.

There are several parameters related to the printing process, which the printer might need to ensure before doing colour management. The printing parameters are anilox screen and volume, plate types, ink supplier and types, double tape brand and types, and substrates.

Flexographic Printing Plates
Cyrel® EASY FAST EFE Digital Plates – Thermal plate making
Cyrel® DPC Digital Plates – Solvent – low durometer
Enhance Productivity with Cyrel® Platemaking Peripheral Equipment
Higher quality at high speed. DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY FAST EFE
DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST
Cyrel® FAST Plates for thermal plate making
Cyrel® Digital Plates for solvent plate making
Cyrel® Analog Solvent Plates: Uncapped
Cyrel® Supplies & Accessories
Processing Equipment, Imagers and Software
DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST Thermal Processors
DuPont™ Cyrel® Exposure & Light Finisher
Digital Imagers
Screening Technology
Packaging Design Software
Packaging Prepress Software
Solvent Processing Equipment
The Sibress Flexo Control instrument.
Foster Keencut cutting device

General graphics

Tyvek® is lightweight and tear resistant with a surface that provides excellent print reproduction that is scuff resistant and durable. Printing on Tyvek® provides a clear, crisp image that will not fade over time and this makes it the choice of brand professionals.

Tags and Labels

Tyvek® can make tags and labels easier to read, more durable and are able to resist moisture and most chemicals. Tyvek® labels can withstand the worst conditions and will not yellow crack or fade.

Manuals, Books, and Maps

Text books, brochures, novel, manuscripts and publications printed on Tyvek® are water resistant and tear proof. Tyvek® has a brilliant white surface that is non glare, prints perfectly and allows for bold strong graphics that never fades. Tyvek® is dimensionally stable and perfect for maps, tape measures and building plans.

Race and event numbers

Tyvek® racing numbers are the choice of champions who rely on its softness and breathability to provide long term, race time, comfort. Printing on Tyvek® is durable and scuff resistant and brand owners and race organizes know it can be relied on to represent them in all weather conditions.

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs printed on Tyvek® are vibrant, weather-proof advertisements for your products and services. The non-glare surface of Tyvek® allows for enhanced readability and is available in large formats and across all the different grades of Tyvek®.

Tyvek® Envelopes

Tyvek® envelopes can be custom made to your exact specifications and size. Virtually indestructible, with a high strength to weight ratio, Tyvek® envelopes are perfect for mailing and storing valuables and keep sakes.

Promotional Items and gifting

The fibre swirl that is recognizable in all Tyvek® grades as well as its touch and feel have always been an inspiration to artists and creatives. Tyvek® is often repurposed and a banner can become a bag or a kite or even a jacket…