Barrier Materials

Marshall Hinds Barrier Materials

Wrapping a home or building in a weather-resistant barrier is essential building practice because it helps combat water, moisture and air infiltration that are any structure’s worst enemies.


Tyvek® Housewrap® acts like a windbreaker that resists air infiltration and water intrusion, making buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Housewrap® protects buildings in four important ways:

Tyvek® Housewrap
Tyvek® Housewrap Tape

Protection against Condensation

Tyvek® allows moisture vapour to pass through, preventing the danger of in-wall condensation, rot and mould.

Energy Saving

Tyvek® HouseWrap achieves the optimal balance of air resistance, water resistance and moisture vapour permeability that are critical for an energy saving barrier. Tyvek® is the simple easy way to improve energy efficiency.


The strength of Housewrap® and its flexibility allow for ease of use on the construction site and it continues to perform for many years once the construction is complete. Tyvek Housewrap® is 100% recyclable


With Housewrap® heat loss through walls is reduced by 33%. It covers cracks and seams, keeping cold air out of insulation ensuring that the structure delivers its full R - value. Use Tyvek® Acrylic Tape to seal all vertical laps, openings, window and door revels to ensure that the insulation is fully sealed.

Plantex® Weed Barrier and Plantex® Rootbarrier

Water is a scarce resource, with DuPont™ Plantex® and Plantex® Rootbarrier you can enhance the efficiency of your garden by inhibiting the growth of weeds and roots that are water guzzlers.

Plantex® weed barrier is essential in waterwise gardens to act as a separation layer in flower beds under mulch or decorative rocks an pebbles. Plantex® does not form puddles and allows the water and nutrients through to the soil keeping it healthy and fertile.

Gardens that have large lawns which are high water users and hard paving areas that allow the runoff of water can easily be transformed into areas that have stepping stones, gravel, ground

cover or mulch. Plantex® can be used in new gardens and also retro fitted when gardens are landscaped.

Overtime, every garden that does not consider the impact of roots in its planning phase is confronted with the problem of root damage as the garden matures. Plantex® Rootbarrier provides protection against invasive roots that are water guzzlers and that uplift and destroy paving, underground pipes and electrical cables.

Rootbarrier contains no harmful chemicals that will leach into the ground and is suitable for installation near ponds wand waterways.

All Plantex® barrier materials are 100% recyclable and are suitable for any size garden and can be fitted in gardens or easily retrofitted.

Plantex® weed barrier
Plantex® Rootbarrier